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Now in its 13th season, New York Theatre Barn’s New Works Series is presented weekly in a virtual live stream. The project represents an eclectic blend of new stories, told in new ways, and by a diverse community of writers. Our live virtual programming allows us to reach an eclectic global audience to observe the development of important, original culture shifting musicals. The 2020 season includes 33 installments of the series and 68 new musicals.


As a home for artists, the support of New York Theatre Barn means investment in process. We believe that lifting up, sharing, and investigating the work while in process is a crucial and magical part of creating musical theatre. Each week, we showcase 2 new musicals in a virtual live stream presentation, including a short conversation with the writers/creative team and 2 songs from each show. We partnered with Broadway on Demand to simulcast our live streams on their platform and on our YouTube channel to a global audience. This program is supported in part by the Innovation & Exploration Fund, a program of National Alliance for Musical Theatre.

2019 SEASON:

FEBRUARY 4, 2019

Postcard American Town | Crystal Skillman / Lynne Shankel

Ramona | Nevada Lozano, based on the novel by Helen Hunt Jackson

7PM @ Daryl Roth Theatre | D-Lounge | 101 E. 15th St., NYC

SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

The Pickup Artist| Sash Bischoff/Jason Pomerantz

My Name is Annie King| Aaron Albert/Krista Pioppi/James Presson/Katy Rea

7PM @ Daryl Roth Theatre | D-Lounge | 101 E. 15th St., NYC

DECEMBER 2, 2019

Sueños: Our American Musical | Jesse Sanchez/Jeff Chambers

Monsters| Tim Aumiller/Bizzy Coy/Scott Schneider

7PM @ Daryl Roth Theatre | D-Lounge | 101 E. 15th St., NYC

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Theatre Barn’s original core program is the New Works Series, an incubator of new musicals now in its 13th season. New Works Series presents bi-monthly, “pre-premieres” of untold stories in the early stages of development. As the primary incubator, Theatre Barn serves as the first curator and developer of these untold stories. We consider more than 100 new musicals each year before choosing the twelve eclectic stories we present. Our selection process becomes a showcase for burgeoning talent and a powerful platform for feedback on a work in its early stages. At each installment, two new musicals are showcased before a live audience, as well as a worldwide virtual audience. Since the series’ inception, we have presented more than 500 writers in 150 pre-premieres, and have amassed a catalogue of nearly 2,000 videos with a million views on our YouTube channel.  

The series has launched dozens of notable new works, including:

  • Small Town Story (about a controversial TX high school production of the musical Rent)

  • Tiananmen (the story of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing, research compiled from student survivor/journalist interviews)

  • The Boy Who Danced On Air (an intimate all-male story about the sex-slaves/dancing boys of Afghanistan; Jonathan Larson Award Winner)

  • Eastbound (about an Asian-American boy who travels to China in search of his biological family in an effort to find a bone marrow donor) 

  • I Married Wyatt Earp (the all-female musical about the heroic women of the American West)

  • Ryan White (about the teenage hemophiliac who became the poster child for AIDS in the 1980's)

  • The White Rose (the true story of a faction of German college students who resisted the Nazis during World War II)

  • Days of Rage (about The Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground during the height of the Civil Rights Movement)

  • Question 1 (about a closeted politician who becomes the center of Maine’s 2009 same-sex marriage debate)

  • We Have Apples (a young woman yearns to find peace amidst her struggle with depression)

  • Boy Meets Girl (inspired by the award-winning film about a transgender woman living in rural Kentucky)



The New Works Series is the first step in our developmental process. Each installment includes two 35-minute concert presentations of new musicals. Each piece varies in its developmental stage. 

The series is filmed before a live audience, and is eventually seen by a virtual audience. The video footage is yours for archival purposes or to promote your show publicly on our YouTube channel, or privately to institutions that you'd like to target. Artistic Director Joe Barros and our line producers work with you to assemble a cast and creatives. Theatre Barn promotes the event in the press and through our online marketing. Additionally, we work with you to invite industry members with whom we have contact.

We currently offer a limited amount of rehearsal space made possible in part from ART/NY’s Creative Space grant.

Please submit the following materials:

  • your RESUME and a short BIO

  • a SCRIPT and DEMO RECORDINGS (any level of completion)


  • an ARTISTIC STATEMENT explaining

    • 1) Why you and your team are telling this story

    • 2) Why you are telling this story now

    • 3) What this piece may personally mean to you and your collaborators

    • 4) anything else important or interesting to note

  • Please also outline the show’s DEVELOPMENTAL HISTORY, if any.

  • Materials should be sent to Associate Artistic Director - Jen Sandler: jen@nytheatrebarn.org

  • When submitting, please use the subject: NWS / Submission / [Title of Show]

  • Submissions are FREE and are accepted anytime throughout the year. We are a small team and receive a high volume of submissions yearly. We are excited to read and experience your work, but will only be in contact should we be able to support a collaboration.

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