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Theatre Barn Records is a new imprint of Broadway Records and is dedicated to original musicals in development. New York Theatre Barn, which has served as a home for new culture shifting musicals during incubation since 2007, has been evolving its unique development-based programming since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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As a new program of New York Theatre Barn, Theatre Barn Records will support writers in recording and releasing concept recordings of new musicals in development on global streaming platforms. Theatre Barn Records offers a worldwide marketing platform for musical theatre writers and has the potential to create revenue for writers while their show is still in development.

The focus of Theatre Barn Records is to continue to incubate and elevate projects that we are already developing while evolving our storytelling systems. In this critical digital age that we now live in, EP's and concept albums of original musicals in development are potentially the fastest and most lucrative ways that musical theatre writers can now be noticed, supported, and advanced while their shows are in development.

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A+R Director

Joe Barros

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Héctor​  Flores, Jr.

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A+R Director

Jen Sandler


SATURDAY - 10.10.20


@ 7PM ET

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In collaboration with Broadway Records, Theatre Barn Records released its first album Willow on September 25th, 2020. Since its release, the album has over 300,000 streams on Spotify and debuted at #7 on the Billboard Cast Album Chart.

New York Theatre Barn will host a free live stream of excerpts from the new musical concept album Willow. The live 45-minute presentation will also feature a conversation with the writers, creatives, and the teams powering Broadway Records (Van Dean and Deena Zucker) and Theatre Barn Records (Joe Barros, Héctor​ Flores Jr. and Jen Sandler).

Willow has music and lyrics by 16-year-old August Greenwood and a book by 20-year-old Morgan Smith, with additional arrangements by 17-year-old Nalah Palmer. The first of several upcoming concept recordings from the Averno Universe creators, Willow recounts two love stories of different generations that take place under the same magical Willow tree, reminding us that love and magic can withstand anything. 
Co-writers August Greenwood and Morgan Smith, along with Rachael Chau and Emma Freeman will perform three songs from Willow. Janeen Garcia will perform a song from the upcoming Averno universe musical Bittersummer

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