The Musicals Of Tomorrow is one of the first podcast platforms for new musicals in development and premiered on the Broadway Podcast Network in August 2021.


Our first 10 episodes feature conversations with the writers of Love and Hate Nation (Be More Chill's Joe Iconis), Experience Marianas (The Lightning Thief's Rob Rokicki and Sarah Beth Pfeifer), Little Miss Perfect (by Joriah Kwamé and Lauren M. Gunderson), House Rules (by Daniel Mertzlufft and Kate Leonard), On This Side Of The World (by Paulo K Tiról and Noam Shapiro), and The Village of Vale (by Jonathan Karpios, John McGrew and Joseph Varca), Ten Brave Seconds (Will Van Dyke and Jeff Talbott), Mimosa (Lauren Taslitz and Danny Ursetti), A Walk on the Moon (Pamela Gray and Paul Scott Goodman), We Live in Cairo (Daniel and Patrick Lazour), Little Duende (Robi Hager and Georgina Escobar), Māyā (Cheeyang Ng and Eric Sorrels), American Morning (Timothy Huang), Francois and the Rebels (Jaime Cepero), Mommie Dearest (Christina Crawford and David Nehls)I Don't Want To Talk About It (Ben Caplan), The Lucky Boy (Kirsten Childs), Borderline (Benjamin Velez and Aryanna Garber),  An Incomplete List of All the Things I'm Going to Miss When the World is No Longer (Dante Green), and Garden Of Starflowers (Masi Asare). Our theme song, "The Music of Tomorrow", was written by Lynne Shankel and Sara Cooper.

Experience the musicals of tomorrow — today! Get a glimpse inside the blueprint of an original musical being developed in real time - with New York Theatre Barn's podcast: The Musicals of Tomorrow. Hosts Joe Barros (Artistic Director) and Jen Sandler (Associate Artistic Director) make space to speak in community with musical theatre writers and their creative teams while lifting up original culture shifting musicals in development. Each original musical’s intention, content and journey are unique and extraordinary to the storytellers who create them. There is no formula for musical theatre, except authenticity.


Featured musical theatre writers on future episodes will include Avi Amon, Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen, Kelly Lynne D'Angelo, Ty Defoe, Nolan Doran, Michelle Elliott, Danny Haengil Larsen, Laurie Hochman, Ann McNamee, Jessy Tomsko, Nat Zegree and more.

The Musicals of Tomorrow is available on Apple Music, Spotify and everywhere you can listen to podcasts. Co-Produced and edited by Pauls Macs and Héctor Flores Jr., episodes will be released bi-monthly on Thursdays.

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