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present a Developmental Production of
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Book/Music/Lyrics by Aaron Morrill

Directed/Choreographed by Joe Barros (The Evolution of Mann) 

Music Direction by Cody Dry (The Book of Mormon)


Michael Andreaus

John Higgins

Janice Landry (Dear Edwina)

Alexander Molina

Alli Ryan Motley

Erin Leigh Peck (The Flamingo Kid)

Alba Ponce de León

Samuel Garnica

Amanda Robles (BSC's Into the Woods)

Phil Sloves (Spongebob Squarepants)

OCTOBER | 22-27 | 2019 | THEATER LAB

357 West 36th  St., NYC  | 3rd Floor


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Love and Yogurt tells the story of Emma, a young entrepreneur, and Javier, a refugee journalist from Colombia, who is seeking asylum in the U.S. and working at Rolling Fields, the leading chain of natural food stores, to make ends meet. Emma is the founder of "Bubby's," a line of organic kefir. In order to attract investors and widen distribution, Emma must get Bubby's into the trend-setting Rolling Fields. However, she will have to run a gauntlet that includes a duplicitous store manager with a hidden agenda and a ruthless competitor who will stop at nothing to see her fail. Awaiting the disposition of his asylum case, Javier pines for his homeland but knows that it is unsafe to return. With Emma's arrival, his life will once again be turned upside down. They will forge a bond that is as powerful as it is surprising and for which Javier will end up risking it all.

Set Design by Matthew Imhoff

Lighting Design by Zach Blane (Too Much, Too Much, Too Many)

Costume Design by Siena Zoë Allen (The Evolution of Mann)

Sound design by Alan Waters (The Evolution of Mann)

Casting by Eisenberg/Beans Casting

Line Producer Alli Ryan Motley

Production Stage Manager Kayla Santos

Associate Director/Choreographer Peter Williams

Associate Music Director Alexander Tom

Assistant Choreographer Héctor​ Flores Jr.

Assistant Stage Manager Sage Lumsden



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