Pre-Premieres of New Musicals


Book, Music and Lyrics by Marcus Scott

Directed by Erin Soler

Music Direction/Orchestrations/Arrangements by Justin Ward Weber 

Line Producer Adam Chisnall


Britney Abrahams

Emma Claye

Melvin Cox

Michael Enright

Mark Andrew Garner

Janelle Lawrence

Luis E. Mora

KC Morse

Karen Pangantihon

Ian Fields Stewart
Evan Watkins

When all of the academic and extracurricular programs are eliminated from their high school arts and humanities curriculum, theatre geek and chess prodigy Franklin McQueen stages a revolt against the Department of Education and the topsy-turvy education system, inspiring and recruiting the student body in his passionate and fearless mission. Cherry Bomb explores many social issues including class consciousness, the decline of arts and humanities education, ethics in modern child psychiatry, juvenile prescription medication, teenage rebellion, and sexual exploration during adolescence.

9.18.17 | 7PM + 9PM @ The Cell | 338 W 23rd St., NYC

Tickets: $20 in advance / $25 at the door

Book and Lyrics by Khiyon Hursey

Book and Music by Cheeyang Ng


Directed by Joe Barros (Cagney, Gigi)

Music Direction by Michael Moise

Line Producer Sam Strum


Shan Y Chuang

Jonathan Lee

Nicholas Park

Zach Piser

Helen White

Jessica Tyler Wright (War Horse)

Mandarin Wu

Eastbound follows the story of Asian twin brothers separated at birth who both travel across the world, one in search of a bone marrow donor for his cancer, the other in search of a new identity. Through their intertwined journeys, the show explores how culture and society shape the way we deal with loss, tradition and our own mortality. The writers of Eastbound are the recipients of a NAMT Writers Residency grant.

9.18.17 | 7PM + 9PM @ The Cell | 338 W 23rd St., NYC

Tickets: $20 in advance / $25 at the door