Pre-Premieres of New Musicals


02.5.18 | 7PM + 9PM @ the cell | 338 W 23rd St., NYC   

Tickets: $20 in advance / $25 at the door

London is on the brink of World War II. Wendy Darling and Dorothy Gale, now grown women, have been tasked with sending orphans to Neverland and Oz in an attempt to get them out of harm's way. When Queen Alice of Wonderland thinks that her kingdom has been threatened by some of these outsiders, she vows to stop at nothing to protect it. Alice, Wendy, Dorothy  forces these three very different women to reckon with living in a time when the idea of female strength was often dismissed and diminished. They’ve all been made to believe that the most notable thing about their lives is already behind them, but their stories are far from over.

Rebecca, an Amish girl, loves to sing but she lives in a world where solos and self-expression are forbidden. When she meets Reverend Blue, an itinerant hip-hop preacher – and former gang member – she connects with his music and joins him in his street corner “Hymn Hop” only to draw media attention and the anger of her family and community. Rebecca and Reverend Blue land a recording deal in NYC; Rebecca is thrown headlong into the world of pop culture with its idolization of celebrity, narcissism and materialism – values that are in stark contrast with her Amish way of life. Crossing Over explores the conflicts and cross-cultural relationships at the heart of contemporary American life.

Crossing Over was featured in Theatre Barn's Choreography Lab.

Book and Lyrics by Deborah Brevoort
Music and Lyrics by Stephanie Salzman

Directed by Steve Broadnax (The Hip Hop Project)

Music direction by Benji Goldsmith

and Willem Oosthuysen (#MARS)


Phillip Arran (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert)

Jenny Rose Baker (Fiddler on the Roof)

Jonathan Christopher

Jesse Corbin

Denzel Fields

Matthew Gumley (The Addams Family)

Audrey Heffernan Meyer

Janet Krupin (If/Then)

Forest Van Dyke

Kendra Vernon (Freedom Train)

Story by Christina Brosman,
Benny Gammerman, and Dylan Hartwell
Book by Christina Brosman
Lyrics by Dylan Hartwell
Music by Benny Gammerman


Directed by Shea Sullivan (Pageant)

Music Direction by Jane Cardona


Hannah DeFlumeri (Bullets Over Broadway)

Brittney Johnson (Sunset Boulevard, Beautiful)

Tari Kelly (Groundhog Day)

Raleigh Shuck (Beaches)

Greg Sullivan