LEZZIE WITH A 'Z' / 12.16.17


12.16.17 | 10PM @ DIXON PLACE | 161A Chrystie Street, NYC   

Tickets: $15 in advance / $18 at the door / $12 for students + seniors, or idNYC holders

Jesse B. Langston



Written by Caitlin Lee Reid & Will Larche

Starring Caitlin Lee Reid


Directed by Joe Barros (Bastard Jones, Cagney)

Music Direction by Will Larche (The Lesbian Love Octagon)

Presented in association with New York Theatre Barn

Lezzie with a ‘Z’ is an homage to Liza Minnelli’s 1972 filmed theatrical production: Liza with a ‘Z’. The one-woman show is peppered with Caitlin Lee Reid’s dry wit and own real-life tales of being gay-married and gay-divorced by 27. Using both classic Broadway songs and original music to break the lesbian glass ceiling of musical theatre, she learns to strap-on and sing out. 










Caitlin Lee Reid was last seen starring as Sue in the musical Lesbian Love Octagon. She performed in the East Coast Premier of The Break Up Notebook. Caitlin is a regular performer at LezCab, a musical theatre cabaret for queer women.  


Will Larche is software engineer in New York City. He wrote the score to the hit Lesbian Love Octagon, a musical comedy about dyke drama. Works based on songs have been workshopped at The Boston Conservatory and performed at New York Theatre Barn, The Duplex, and Earl Dax’s Pussy Faggot. He also arranged We Put The Spring In Springfield: The Music of The Simpsons and wrote the score to Bail Out The Musical with the Wreckio Ensemble.

Joe Barros is the Artistic Director of New York Theatre Barn. He recently choreographed the hit musical Bastard Jones, and was the associate director of Cagney, Gigi, Beaches, and A Taste of Things To Come. Joe is proud to have produced the new musical Sam's Room (inspired by real stories of nonverbal teens who find a way to communicate), and is directing and developing the musical Mommie Dearest with writers Christina Crawford and David Nehls.


520 8TH AVE  | #331 | NEW YORK, NY 10018



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