New York Theatre Barn has awarded the writers of the new musical Eastbound the annual IMPACT Award. Eastbound has book and music by Cheeyang Ng and book and lyrics by Khiyon Hursey.


The annual IMPACT Award recognizes a pre-premiere from Theatre Barn’s New Works Series that had the greatest impact on the world, our theatre community and society.


Eastbound follows the story of Chinese brothers separated at birth. The story begins when one of the brothers, plagued with leukemia, travels from America to China in search of his biological family in an effort to find a bone marrow donor. At the same time, the other brother escapes the pressures of societal expectations in China and travels to America, where he can fully live as himself. Their individual quests for survival and acceptance eventually lead them to each other. The piece explores how different cultures deal with death, sexuality, family, and disease. Told through the soundscape of a contemporary score amalgamated with Mandopop and traditional Eastern sounds, Eastbound is performed in English and Mandarin with a diverse cast.  


New York Theatre Barn chose Eastbound because it showcases a culture that is rarely seen in the American Musical Theatre. The integration of multiple languages and innovative supertitles challenges our perception of communication in musical theatre storytelling. New York Theatre Barn will continue to incubate and develop the musical throughout the 2018, and the work will culminate in a developmental production in November of 2018 in collaboration with the Musical Theatre Factory and The Cell.  

Past IMPACT Award Winners

Sam's Room (2016)

Book by Dale Sampson with Trey Coates-Mitchell

Music and Lyrics by Caitlin Marie Bell, Marc Campbell, and Dale Sampson

New York Theatre Barn chose Sam’s Room for heightening our awareness about the world of the disabled and nonverbal. While we see them only in silence, Sam teaches us that in his mind there may be a world that is anything but silent. A developmental production was produced in collaboration with The Cell in November of 2017.

Winner of the 2017 

IMPACT award