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BOY MEETS GIRL / 2.15.17

Book and Lyrics by Eric Schaeffer (Films If Lucy Fell, Never Again, the TV series Starved
Music and Lyrics by Debra Barsha (Public Theatre's Radiant Baby, A Taste of Things to Come)

Directed by Eric Schaeffer

With Jelani Alladin (The Lightning Thief), Wriply M. Bennet, Chuck Cooper (The Life, Amazing Grace) Savannah Frazier, Harley Harrison, Patrick Jones, Elizabeth Ward Land (Amazing Grace, the film Boy Meets Girl), Jeremy T. Villas,

and Nicole Wildy

22 year-old Ricky is a quick-witted transgender girl living in small town Kentucky. She has dreams of moving to New York to become a fashion designer. Robby, handsome and big-hearted, is Ricky's lifelong best friend.  While at work in the local coffee shop, Ricky meets a beautiful, wealthy debutante, Francesca, and an unexpected friendship (and maybe more?) blossoms. Robby is then forced to confront his feelings about Ricky. Infused with warmth and humor, Boy Meets Girl is about self-acceptance, pursuing your dreams, and having the courage to love regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. 

Boy Meets Girl is a new musical inspired by the film of the same name that won 40 "Best" Awards at festivals in 2014-2015

Written/Directed by Eric Schaeffer

"The characterizations are drawn with an uncommon complexity.  A funny and touching [film] boasting a superlative debut performance by Michelle Hendley.” --Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter
“Profoundly sensitive and often wryly funny look at friendship, romance, sexual attraction and gender identity…Boy Meets Girl is a timeless yet timely film about the cross-currents of love and friendship. The cast is first-rate.” --Gary Goldstein, LA Times


2.15.17 | 3PM + 7PM @ The Cell | 338 W 23rd St., NYC

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