4 choreographers present a number from four diverse new musicals. Primarily focused on engaging mid-career to established choreographers, this lab focuses on bringing production numbers from never before staged musicals to life. Each choreographer works to stage their piece as closely to the way they envision it to be staged in a fully realized production of said new musical. Both the choreographers and writers benefit from seeing their piece staged while it is still in development.

New Musicals: Crossing Over, Morgan Street, Paris Girls, The Proust Virus

Choreographers: Avital Asuleen, Christopher Noffke, Rickey Tripp, Lorna Ventura

Lab Moderators:  Edie Cowan (choreographer of the original  Little Shop of Horrors) and Melinda Atwood (creator of DanceBreak)



Tara Palsha Moats
Cindy Reid
Samaria Nixon-Fleming
Hector Cerna
Derrick Williams
Joey Calveri
Stephanie Young
Brooke Averi
Najee Gabay-Knight
Atsushi Edu
Willow Toner Grey
Rhaamell Burke-Missouri
Yamil DeJesus
Shane Hall
Victoria Casillo
Stephanie Sine
Forest Van Dyke
Kendra Vernon
Tara Halpern 
Roddy Kennedy
Neville Braithwaite
Myriam Gadri
Julian deGuzman
Christina Glur
Faye Conway
Sumayya Ali
Todd Michael Cook
Daniel Lynn Evans
Alyssa Fuhrman
Salvatore Vieira 
Jordan Weagraff

9.18.17 2PM @ The Cell | 338 W 23rd St., NYC

Tickets: $10 in advance / $15 at the door







Book and Lyrics by Deborah Brevoort
Music and Lyrics by Stephanie Salzman
Choreography by Rickey Tripp

Music Direction Benji Goldsmith

Rebecca, an Amish girl, loves to sing but she lives in a world where solos and self expression are forbidden. When she meets Reverend Blue, an itinerant hip-hop preacher, and former gang member, she connects with his music and joins him in his street corner “Hymn Hops” only to draw media attention and the anger of her family and community. Crossing Over explores the conflicts and cross-cultural relationships at the heart of contemporary American life. Crossing Over will be featured in the 2018 season of New York Theatre Barn's New Works Series.


Music by Anika Noni Rose, Eugene Gwozdz, and Jeremy Alan Richards
Book and Lyrics by Jeremy Alan Richards
Directed by  Joe Barros
Choreography by Lorna Ventura

Travis, a bi-racial adoptee, searches for his roots, his identity, and ultimately his birth parents, when he meets Dominique, who inspires him to find himself. During this humorous and heartfelt journey, Travis confronts many obstacles and trials that shake him to the core, forcing him and his family into a head-on collision with mental health, and a peeling back of levels of sanity that they are not prepared to face.  When Travis gains a sense of clarity, he ultimately learns that his true parents are the ones that loved and raised him his entire life.  


Music and Lyrics by Andrew J. Hanley
Book and Lyrics by Anderson John Heinz
Directed by Ashley Brooke Monroe
Choreography by Avital Asuleen 

The fabulous Faye Conway depends on her best friend and television producer Jackie Babineau-Miller and has done so for the entirety of their lives. But as the two celebrate Faye’s much-anticipated comeback to television, old wounds are re-opened - and they must face the truth about the girls they were, the women they’ve become, and what it means to part ways with the things they love the most.


Book, Music and Lyrics by Dan Furman
Choreography by Christopher Noffke 

When Tina’s favorite combat video game is attacked by a virus, Marcel Proust’s “In Search of Lost Time” is uploaded into the game. Tina soon discovers that the characters have come to life, and one of them has fallen in love--with her!  Blue, Sultana and other characters from “Quest” begin building a new game world based on Proust.  Meanwhile, the National Security Agency has gotten word of the “Proust Virus” and sends an agent to eliminate it.