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4.1.20 | 7PM LIVE STREAM


From their homes, four choreographers perform short segments of movement that they have developed over the past weeks.

This is our first live virtual lab and the first lab in which some of the choreographers will perform their own work.

Featured Choreographers:

Rachel Leigh Dolan

Eamon Foley 

Michael Jacinto

Mandarin Wu

Curated & Produced by

Avital Asuleen

Associate Producer 

Victoria Crowser

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Funded in part by a generous gift from the Amber Foundation, the Choreography Lab was created to elevate and expand the use of dance in musical theatre. It is also the only curated choreography platform where choreographers and writers collaborate to develop movement for new musicals during incubation.

The Choreography Lab’s programming supports choreographer development, fosters collaboration between writers and choreographers early in the creative process, and serves as an educational forum where all parties can strengthen and specify how dance can be used to convey story and character.